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09 May 2014 @ 12:59 am

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F-locked in niji_bunny's LJ
All is hardsubbed unless stated otherwise.

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17 August 2014 @ 07:03 pm
Hi there~

After a little over a month of being away and think things throughly, as the title says BnC is going on indefinite hiatus.
It was something that we started to consider during our last projects but due many reasons we came to the decision that this was a good moment for it. But basically we have three main ones:

First one and the last straw was the recent incident with rule breakers, as you may know we have been dealing with people stepping over each and every one of our rules over and over again, at this point not only is disappointing but also tiring having to deal with this kind of things when to be really honest what we ask in return from you is just that, to follow our rules, something pretty simple.

Second is that due misundertandings and overreactions, we are currently encoder-less, thing that we were planning on solving, but we have other things to do first. So we would like to apologize to Nicole who worked really hard on a project that until today we haven't been able to release m(__)m.

And last one and most important reason. There are currently some RL stuff we need to settle, and as you all can guess, that takes priority over subbing. We don't know how long that will take or when we'll be able to come back to subbing the way we used (or if we'll come back at all), so the wise option right now, is this.
For how long we'll be inactive is still a mystery even for us. We'll be back as soon as we can. There's still a project we have pending and even thought we may not release it here, you can look forward for nnk to release it ^^

Regarding membership, we'll process all the pending requests and those that come until the 19th of August, after that our membership will be closed and we ask you to not pm us or message us regarding membership.

Lastly rules still apply to each and every of our releases, despite the future lack of activity.

It was fun and a crazy ride (specially the last two dramas xD) and we thank you to all of you who were always nice and kind to us.

Bunny and Clair.
14 February 2014 @ 01:30 am

Many of you will think such a post is not needed, but we keep finding proves of how our rules trespass some of our members... or they bluntly decide to ignore them. So, let's have an annoying post to remind them.

Since we are a community that doesn't make you 'jump through holes' to get the subs (though recently we've found some people think we really put it hard for you), the only think we ask from our members is respect.

BnC Rules [stated in eeeeeevery post, as you know]:
- Do NOT stream. We know what we do is illegal (we also know in some countries copyright laws are a joke), so we want to stay as low profile as we can while still trying to share this with the most people possible. It's OUR  decision not to stream our subs, so please, respect that.
- Do NOT re-upload. I don't think I need to explain this one.
- Do NOT redistribute outside this community. We think we have a joining process quite simple that just requires a comment from you to join us. So if some of your friends, or somebody you know wants any of the videos, please, direct them to the original post.
- DO NOT sell these subs for your own profit. Please, this subs are completely free. We don't get any profit making them nor sharing them with you, so don't try to get some profit from them.
- Do NOT rip translations. This means, do not copy the translations post and try to make them pass as yours. Don't copy the translations and use them for your video as if they were yours.
- Do NOT use for re-translations. We have explained this many times, we get you want to help people, we get you just want to spread Arashi's love all over the planet, but please, don't use our translations to re-translate into your language. Some things already lose a bit of the meaning and some nuances when being translated a first time even if we try not to, re-translating means the possibility of losing the meaning completely. And we don't care if you credited us for it if you still did it without permission.

Example: It's not cool to suddenly see BnC credited as the English subs source for a re-translation we haven't agreed on (thanks for the consideration of crediting us, tho).
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It's really tiring and annoying to go around and suddenly find any of our rules being broken by members of the community that have clearly chosen to ignore them (we write them in every post, if the problem is that are not visible enough, let me know so I make the size bigger and flashier next time XD). It's getting really annoying to see how people break our rules and expect us to not find it out.

And that's all from now, see you next week for our weekly Chocojun dose!
Btw, feel free to express your opinion or your suggestions!

BnC mods.
05 May 2013 @ 04:01 pm

Membership: CLOSED [HIATUS]

All comments are screened, we won’t always state why we rejected/couldn’t process your request so, make sure you read THE RULES AND HOW TO JOIN:

Comment in this post with your LJ account (We only accept  LJ accounts) with the following:

1.- Read the rules.
2.- Leave any random comment, seriously anything can do, as long as is not just “Let me join”, at least include something else. It's too boring if not. State your country in the comment.
3.- Click join. The button is located at the top of the page and in the profile page of the community. (Make sure you click join, because we won't warn to click the join button
Membership is closed for now. No applications will be processed.


1.- Don’t stream: which means don’t upload our videos anywhere, with that we mean anywhere. This includes that is forbidden to cut parts of the videos and upload them to streaming sites.
2.- Don’t re-upload: Seriously, we provide plenty of mirrors for everyone to be able to download, so refrain to re-upload our videos, unless we specifically ask you to.
3.- Don’t redistribute outside the community: If your friend or somebody you know wants the video send them here, do not provide links or passwords of our subs to anyone.
4.- Don’t sell: This is self explanatory, but I’m going to explain it anyway for the special snowflakes, this means is forbidden to make profit out of this subs, when are being provided to everyone for free.
5.- Don’t rip translations: Seriously, don’t use the subs, translations or summaries provided within this community and make it pass as your own, trust me when I tell you we will know. Even if you credit us, this is not allowed. And in any case you must consult with any of our mods first and always.
6.- Don’t use our subs/translations to re-translate to your own language: This is personal choice of our translators, so please respect their wishes, we understand some of you want to share the love to everyone, but please respect this, again even if you credit us, this is not allowed.
In short, use them to enjoy yourself.

As in immediate effect, referrals are no longer active, which means in order to join you must follow the steps stated in this post. NOBODY WILL BE ADDED IF THEY DON’T FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS.

Also, we reserve our right to remove any member or deny membership without previous warning if we consider it fitting. WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE TO RULE-BREAKERS.

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask us leaving a comment in this post
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30 July 2012 @ 11:49 pm
Welcome~! <3

About membership: We currently have closed membership. You can read the reasons why >> here <<


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